Monday, 4 February 2013

Action and antics

So on my first solo trip into the colony I took the opportunity to sit and watch the birds. Within the colony there is some action, and I enjoyed watching all the antics, especially two fluffy cute chicks. But my attention was soon drawn to the beach where many adults and the fledged juveniles generally hung out. It was a wonderfully warm day (hence my t-shirt tan!) and the birds were often in the water bathing and having a good old time! And then when I got home I realised that some of the diving was not solely for a bath, but for food! These creatures have such character and I’m loving working on them, and watching them! I feel a bit like the paparazzi, every time I see a gull I want to whip my camera out! But here it paid off and I’m chuffed with some of these shots!

Soon to be ringed chicks.
And shake!
Flying start..
The downward plunge..

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