Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sea legs

I have survived my second almost full day at sea! With much more grace than the first! It dawned a beautiful cold day, with a max of 25°C and partly cloudy forecast. I packed my newly acquired dry bag with a light cotton jacket, food and my camera. Once out the gate I decided to run back for a second jacket and my beanie, how glad I am for that!! We met at the ski boat club at 07h15 to pack the boat and warm up the engines and all the other important stuff that needs to be done before we launch. I admit I spent some time gawking at the most amazing sunrise, clouds and colours. The launch went smoothly and before we started any work, we accepted a rescue mission. A little paddle boat had come loose from its mooring and was floating around the big blue sea unattended. We sidled up and roped her in, and then towed her to the beach where firstly the waves, and then the lifeguards, brought her back to shore, mission accomplished!

Then we started looking for whales, I had the dubious honour of being the first up in the lookout seat. Again we started by going along the beach and around Robberg and then out to sea, but once out of the bay the wind was harsh and the sea rough. I was so grateful I ran back to get the extra jacket, and regretted not getting long pants and a blanket too! It is COLD out there! So it was decided to turn and head back to the relative shelter of the bay. This turned out to be a wise decision as we found 3 whales in the bay, and were able to get photos of all three but only had a chance to get close enough for a biopsy sample from one. The sea within the bay had become rather rough at this stage, caused by the increasing wind, and the trip was cut short. It was an interesting journey back to the launch at the ski boat club, very bumpy and rather wet. Back on the beach, looking out to sea, you could wonder why we came back so early, the conditions look good. How deceptive! But we accomplished much in a short time and I survived the rough seas with minimal nausea! I may have found my sea legs!

Getting the boat into position for the launch.
Up in the lookout seat.
The boat from above!
The team! Before the weather got nasty.
Stopped for a snack break! Photo by Gwen Penry.

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