Monday, 17 March 2014

Research team to the rescue!

After a wonderful and short fieldwork session at Lookout beach, including some distraction with bees, Shirley and I headed back to the car. Along the way we passed a fisherman and a small group of bystanders, and Shirley and I joined to see what the interest was all about. The fisherman had managed to catch a Spotted Gully Shark, and had no idea what to do with it! So Shirley and I decided to rescue the snared shark. It took two attempts for us to pull the shark up into shallow water and stay its thrashing to be able to pull the hook out of its mouth. Despite the small size, it was strong and we struggled but managed to get the hook out and quickly turned it around and pushed it back out into deeper water. We turned to grin victoriously at the little group of onlookers who were impressed with our actions, but were quite concerned with the presence of SHARKS in the estuary. These Spotted Gully Sharks would not take small dogs, or small children, and although we explained this, they were not convinced. Shirley and I left the beach, quite happy with our productive day.

A small willing worker.
Busy bee.
Research team to the rescue!

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