Sunday, 25 May 2014

Keurbooms River Mouth

Arriving in Plett in January a year ago, I had to wade at least waist deep to get across to Lookout Beach, and since then Lookout Beach has slowly become more accessible, and now you can remain entirely dry getting to Lookout Beach, which was a popular gathering spot in December. Lookout Beach has an interesting history, and while I have been desk-bound working on writing up my thesis, specifically details about the study sites, Lookout Beach and Keurbooms Peninsula, I found this interesting page about Keurbooms River mouth. At long last a chronologically ordered and graphically recorded account of how Keurbooms River mouth has moved over the years, and how Lookout Beach has changed. Go check it out!

Geoff Fairman has graciously allowed me to share this, and it is all copyright to him. Thanks Geoff!

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