Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A motor boat!

Plett is a place of generous people! We have been given a boat and bought a new Parsun motor for an amazingly low price! The boat is courtesy of Louis Ollerman and the motor is from Parsun Southern Cape. Errol, Kenny and Butch from Parsun have been so helpful and kept Shirley and I high and dry and moving forward on the water! Even going so far as to rescue me on the estuary when I ran out of petrol (new boater stupidity!). I have been having so much fun with the boat, and it saves Shirley and I from paddling a heavily laden canoe to the peninsula and back!

Paddling out past weeds that would clog the new motor.
And we're off!
Trips to the peninsula have just become so much easier!
Post-trip maintenance instructions.
Always remember to close the air valve and turn the petrol off!
Errol, myself and Louis.
Errol, myself and Kenny.

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