Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Sedgefield walk

Shirley and I joined the Lakes Bird Club on the first walk of the season to survey the Sedgefield Oystercatchers. It was an opportunity for the two of us to go to a new area and make some new contacts. We made the long trek and landed in a spectacular place! There was a large group of interesting people that were gathered, and it was a good walk, and we managed to find a few nests. All in all a productive and thoroughly enjoyable day!

Spot the nesting oystercatcher!

Not so easy to find!
A lion.
A whale bone, perhaps from a humpback.
To put the size of the blow-hole in perspective!
The underside of a washed up sea urchin.
A large octopus rescued from a shrinking rock pool.
A beautiful beach indeed!

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