Monday, 13 January 2014

Penguin peril

My family made the trek from Westville to Plett to spend 2 weeks with me, happiness! But of course birds don't stop breeding because I have guests and so I gained 3 helpers. On the first trip to Robberg we came across an adult African Penguin that didn't seem to be doing so well. We shaded it and decided to continue with what we came to do and check on the bird on our way back. Fieldwork is so much easier with a dedicated helper! Dad was the best field appy and made my work so much faster! After checking on all the nests, including one with the first chick of the colony, we headed back to the beach, and the penguin. It was still there and looking decidedly listless. We put it into a backpack to make the half hour hike back to the car. From there it went to Tenikwa, and then on to SANCCOB, and hopefully was released back into the wild.

My fieldwork site, the island. Photograph by Suzette Witteveen.
Adult African Penguin.
Shirley on her way to fieldwork on the island. Photograph by Suzette Witteveen.
Dad and I hard at work. Photograph by Suzette Witteveen.
On the edge. Photograph by Suzette Witteveen.
Happy to have my dad here! Photograph by Suzette Witteveen.
First chick for Robberg!
These birds breed in the extremes. Photograph by Suzette Witteveen.
Hot hot hot! Photograph by Suzette Witteveen.
Gathering the penguin to be put into the backpack. Photograph by Suzette Witteveen.
Starting the walk back, penguin on dad's back. Photograph by Suzette Witteveen.

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