Sunday, 12 January 2014

Something stumbled across..

Routine field work on the peninsula turned into an interesting outing when Shirley came across what she thought was a 'small' snake. As I had walked about the beach checking on nests I noticed the strange tracks but didn't identify them as snake tracks until Shirley wandered over to say she had found a small snake. Small snakes do not make tracks in the sand that are as fat as my forearm. Quite excitedly we retraced her footprints to find the branch the snake was hiding under. Shirley's small snake turned out to be an African puff adder of more than a metre. It was wonderful to see it but slightly concerning that it would more likely spend it's time in the vegetation of the peninsula where Shirley and I often bash through. We left the snake where we found it, and hoped that we wouldn't encounter it again but in a more perilous position!
Snake tracks.
Keeping cool.
What a beautiful specimen!
3 little chicks all in a row.

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