Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Learning to drive

I have a boat! Or shall I say, the project has a boat! The green machine (the canoe) is awesome, but is more to be used for survey days, where the bulk of the trapping equipment isn’t needed, whereas the boat is big enough for 4 adults and equipment, albeit at a push! It is a rubber duck with a detachable HOW BIG motor and is not made for speed, but she’ll do the trick to get us to the other side and back safely. Her maiden voyage was successful despite initial motor trouble, we got her started and everyone went for a ride, and she managed to take Shane, Mark and myself across to the peninsula in some choppy waves, nice! And I got to drive! Since we were there we took a quick walk about and saw the black swan that hangs out with the gulls, and ever mindful of my project I collected another 17 regurgitated pellets, one with a creative touch of blue ribbon! The one downside to the boat is that it is heavy, and two girls will not be able to get it onto the canopy of my bantam which does restrict its use somewhat.. But all in all I am super stoked about the boat, now all she needs is a name!

Getting her started!
Anticipatory spectators!
The guys on her maiden voyage as a project boat!
But then something went wrong..
Which was sorted out and the kids got their ride!
Crossing the ocean gap, we look a little bit little.

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