Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Sea of seals

After a long period of not going out to sea, a trip today totally made up for it! For me though, not so much on Gwen’s whale front.. almost immediately after launching the boat we spotted the first whale blow, and eventually identified 4 whales in the bay, but we could not get close enough to any of them for good photos. Additionally, the bait fish were apparently quite deep down and the whales were diving deep and long so after floating around for a while waiting for some action we moved on. Exciting to know that there are quite a few individuals around but a slight let-down not to get some amazing photos (I think I’m getting greedy!). We headed to the one dependable aspect of the cruise, the seal colony. I love the seals, they fascinate me! They have such character, and amuse me no end with their antics, in the water and out. A huge treat was to see the Elephant Seal! In this colony of Cape Fur Seals there is often a lonely Elephant seal, thought to be a sub-adult female. I was able to get some amazing photos of it and got back to the beach quite chuffed with the trip!

Just catching some rays!
My rock!
I does love you!
Ah a good scratch!
Aaaaaahhh.... Chhooo!

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