Friday, 5 July 2013

None but one

Stace, part of the PMB crew (who really lives in PE but does her fieldwork a few months a year in PMB) has been wanting to come and join us for some fynbos ringing, and had the chance recently. She and her husband have been in Knysna for the Knysna Oyster Festival taking part in some of the races, and on an off day she came through to Plett to do some ringing with me. Unfortunately, Mark has gone on holiday to PMB taking with him most of his ringing gear and so our net supply was really limited (4 nets in the fynbos is really nothing). Add some wind, never good for ringing, to a low net count and it turned out to be a pitiful day! All we caught was a single Lazy Cisticola! We had our nets up but with the wind making them billow rather obviously we moved them, repositioning them in a more sheltered spot using an inventive net layout, but still we caught nothing, it was all a bit of a fail.. Sorry Stace!

Putting up the nets. Photo by Suzette Witteveen.
Trying to ID the one bird we caught! Photo by Suzette Witteveen.
It was a Lazy Cisticola! Photo by Suzette Witteveen.
A Protea sp. Photo by Suzette Witteveen.

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