Sunday, 1 September 2013


The first trip back to the peninsula was an upsetting one. Heavy rains while I was in Cape Town had washed away some of the nests, and a large proportion of the sandy outcropping of the peninsula, an area that was to be a focal study area. Even more upsetting was the fact that the tern eggs that I had found were gone, along with the entire clutch of Egyptian Goose eggs, suspected to be due to predation. In addition to this, due to the bad weather, 8 nests had been damaged and abandoned. On the plus side, the Sacred Ibis have moved in for their breeding season and it was really entertaining to watch these colourful characters as they competed for prime nesting spots. I paddled back on the incoming tide, not cool! I walked the majority of it due to some seriously huge waves I was unwilling to challenge on the paddle-ski.. One day I will learn, but not when I’m carrying a bag full of equipment!

An interesting beach wash-up.. Perhaps a chicken?!
The Sacred Ibis have moved in!

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