Thursday, 26 September 2013


Today I was poo-ed on. At least some bird aimed at me and loosed it’s bowels. By some fortunate feat of physics, at least for me, the bird missed! But this is what I have to look forward to.. raining poo droplets! This shows the birds are getting serious about intruders, the breeding season marches on! It was a wonderful time out on the peninsula though. I was mightily lazy! I forgot the nest markers at home so just did a nest check, but midway through I decided to just have a sit. So I sat and watched, first the birds and got some wonderful photos, and then the sea. I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and watching in the right direction, and saw whales! Well first I saw the whale watching boat and wondered why they weren’t moving, then I saw the whales! There must have been a large school of fish in the area as the whales were putting on quite a performance! I sat and watched for about 15 minutes before I decided I had to get back to work and finish checking all the nests. The nests are still empty, but I am hopeful for eggs soon!

A whale breaching.
I wish I was out on that boat!
The gulls managed to steal an unfortunate Sacred Ibis chick.
They are so close to the colony, vicious predators.
Testing out the wings.
You can clearly see the first-hatched of the two chicks here.

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