Sunday, 27 April 2014

Black Harriers and raptor ringing

Alan Lee, a ringer in Baviaanskloof, knew of a Black Harrier nest and invited Mark to come and ring the two chicks. Shirley and I were very quick to agree to accompany him and so we set out early one morning to get to the site where the nest was. Of course we made sure to leave a little earlier than necessary to do some raptor ringing along the way! We managed to snare both a Jackal Buzzard and Forest Buzzard in the first hour on the road, and we were chuffed!

Ringing the Jackal Buzzard, our first catch!
A very happy Shirley with the buzzard.
Forest Buzzard.
We continued our journey, and met up with Alan and a guide. After a bumpy 4x4 journey to the nest we were met with destruction. The nest holding the two Black Harrier chicks was predated, the little half eaten bodies still warm indicating an early morning attack.

One of the adult Black Harriers.
The predated nest.
We turned around and began the trip home, and of course did some raptor trapping. A first for me was to catch TWO Pale Chanting Goshawks at the same time, it was very cool!

Mark and Shirley with the two goshawks.
Me releasing one of the goshawks.

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