Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Cango Caves

The Brown family generously invited me to join them on a long weekend holiday break to Oudtshoorn and our first stop was Cango Caves. I can definitely say that the caves renowned reputation is well earned. We went on the basic guided tour through the caves but an 'adventure tour' is also available. The tour was informative and pointed out the more notable aspects of each 'room' of the caves we visited. The use of lighting emphasised the rock formations and made taking photos a little easier but at times a little less light could have been used! Although only a guided tour is available, I could easily have spent hours roaming the caves, feeling the weight of their ancient walls and the silent testament of their witness to time. In one of the smaller caves our guide began an echoing rendition of shosholoza, which was picked up by some of the crowd familiar with the song. It was incredibly moving. I was so reluctant to leave the caves, being one of the last to step blinkingly into the bright afternoon sunlight, for a moment understanding part of why people would risk life and limb to explore the depths of undiscovered caves.

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