Sunday, 27 April 2014

Offshore Adventures

Although the kelp gull breeding season, and my fieldwork, is finished I have managed to not be confined to my desk for too long! Mark has set me up as a research assistant with Offshore Adventures doing seal behavioural observations. Observations need to be done from land, from the boat, and from the water looking at the seals reactions to swimmers in the water. Robberg is home to a colony of roughly 5000 Cape Fur Seals and I got into the water with them. At this time of year, the pups are testing themselves and learning their limitations, and they are exceptionally friendly! Luckily, the first excursion into the water was for me to familiarise myself with the seals and their behaviour. I was far too taken with these incredible animals to do any data collection! If you have the opportunity to swim with seals, take it! It is a most incredible experience!

Ready to jump in!

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