Wednesday, 2 April 2014

White-fronted Plovers

I was very lucky while out on Lookout to come across two White-fronted Plover nests. These nests are always very difficult to find if you are not spending a lot of time watching the birds. One I found by chance moving through the colony checking up on birds and nests, and I came across the nest, which is hardly more than a shallow scrape in the sand. The eggs are very small and incredibly well camouflaged.

White-fronted Plover eggs.
While out trying to locate an oystercatcher chick I had stopped on a small dune to watch the parents and orientate myself when a pair of plovers began performing in front of me, even going to far as to attack the oystercatcher that was similarly trying to attract my attention and draw me away from their chick. At that moment plovers trumped oystercatchers and I began the search for what I assumed was a chick from the adults ardent behaviour. Looking at the size of the eggs, the chicks are likewise tiny! And terribly out of proportion! But it was really special to find a chick perhaps only a day or two old.

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