Friday, 25 October 2013

Burgeoning birders

The Plettenberg Bay birdclub generously donated birdbooks and binoculars to the education programme at Nature’s Valley Trust, which enabled them to run a birding course with the eco-clubs they work with. This culminated in a fieldtrip out birding to put theory into practice. On two separate days I joined firstly and then for an afternoon walk through Goose Marsh. Some people from the birdclub as well as some of the NVT team showed the kids how to use firstly the binoculars to see the bird more clearly, and then how to go about trying to identify it using the birdbooks. Both days went well, and it was so encouraging to see a light flicker on in some of the kids; perhaps the new generation of ornithologists!?

Fork-tailed Drongo.

Blacksmith Lapwing.
Evidence of a Little Egret in a pond.

Kelp Gull.

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