Friday, 25 October 2013

Busy days

We don’t seem to be having much luck with canoes. The Green Machine is no more. It has been stolen. The last time it was taken it was returned, but not this time, this seems to be a final re-appropriation. Regardless to say, it was not a good day! We gratefully borrowed a canoe from Keurbooms Lagoon Caravan Park, who has also generously allowed us to launch from their private site, making our paddle journey a lot shorter! We had a look around for our canoe, but we couldn’t find it, so continued our journey to the peninsula. By now we had only about 2 hours before we had to head back, and it went so quickly! Just before we left we deployed the first egg temperature loggers, an exciting moment!

A huge starfish!
Growing up.
An interesting new "ibis" moved into the colony!
An egg logger.
While out looking for our missing canoe, I came across an abandoned canoe lodged firmly in the sand below the high tide mark. I returned the next evening with a spade and a dog to dig her up. I was able to finally get her out and ponderously drag her water-logged body up the beach for floatation trials the next day. As I was feeling like I was losing my grip on all the nests and eggs that were on the peninsula Shirley and I headed back over with the sole purpose of marking and checking nests, but first we had to hope our new canoe floated! What a wonderful craft, she got us there and back safely and smoothly and with a dedicated scribe I got a lot done!

Dog disturbance on the peninsula.
My dedicated scribe!

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