Tuesday, 1 October 2013


What a day! Filled with firsts! The first eggs of the season being the most exciting! At long last! I feel as though I stumbled upon them purely by accident, just on my wanderings through the colony as they were laid in new nests, not in one of the older pre-marked nests. Which is mildly frustrating. The nests that I have been regularly checking, and the birds have been maintaining, are not the nests with the first eggs! But it is so exciting that at long last there are eggs! Terrifying, but so exciting! Perhaps a more morbid first, was my discovery of a dead gull with a ring on it, not a colour ring but a standard metal SAfring ring, more than enough to discover the particulars of the dearly departed. The day also marked the first sea swim of the season! It was a ridiculously warm day, with nary a breeze, and so by the time Shirley and I had finished our respective tasks we were hot and sweaty. A walk on the beach looking for shells led to more than feet getting wet as first Shirley, and more cautiously myself, braved the cold water and dunked our heads! Unfortunately this day also marked my first sunburn. I sit here in the kitchen writing this and my shoulders are burning, not pleasant! But there are some good times ahead!

The first eggs!
Food food food food food!
How to be sheltered from the sun - give mom a hug.

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