Saturday, 12 October 2013


Once again I had the privilege of ringing a rehab bird from Radical Raptors. This time it was without Mark, although Shirley was with me. There was a little Wood Owl that needed to be ringed, although I didn’t realise that Wood Owls were so small! In general, I love looking at owls, but I don’t like ringing them. They tend to bite and make intimidating clicking noises with their bills. But when I saw this little one I fell in love! What a precious little thing! I thoroughly enjoyed ringing it, and it boosted my confidence in owls hugely! Another treat was seeing the Spotted Eagle-owl chick. What a cutie! All in all a very good owl day!

Hopefully in time the eye will heal.
A most precious little Wood Owl!
A protective mom and dad watching over the fluff ball.

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