Saturday, 19 October 2013


At long last there are eggs at Lookout! Yay! Now the interesting thing will be to see whether they hatch and whether the chicks survive to fledging. Along with this highlight of the trip, there was a disappointment. Shirley and I decided to try and trap more gulls using the walk-in trap baited with sardines, it worked well enough the first time! The gulls outdid us this round though, not a single bird was even willing to poke its head within a meter of the trap. They have learnt from the first time, and seem to have memories like elephants. This does not bode well for having to recapture birds on the nest to get GPS loggers back! Not all of the birds are as sharp as some would have you think, while doing nest checks I was bombed by one of the more aggressive birds which made me sure that there were eggs in the nest. Unfortunately there were no eggs but the bird was very serious about guarding its bone! Definitely a broody bird!

The first egg!
A confused bird, protecting her 'egg'.
Our trap that stood empty, this time.

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